The One Thing I Can’t Buy…

This blog post is the second in a series of four, if you missed the first post you can check it out here: “My Wake-Up Call”

After I got over the complete shock of being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that only 5% of women get, I realized this was going to be an exhausting journey, if I kept resisting my diagnosis and falling into victim mode.

I was faced with a choice…I could keep feeling sorry for myself and asking, “Why me?!”, or I could accept the cards I was dealt and start embracing my life.

And that was the day, I kicked myself out of my own pity party and I began to think about…

How can I be grateful for my cancer diagnosis? 

I began to look at things a little differently and asked myself…how can I use cancer to change and embrace my life.

I decided I was going to need some powerful mantras to help me get through the hard times on this challenging journey…

The main mantra I came up with was (and still is):

“I’m OK…Everything will be OK!”

Whenever I feel any anxiety, sadness or overwhelm, I say this to myself several times and I feel an instant calm wash over me.

And the quote I began to live my life by is:

You’ll leave this world behind,
so live a life you will remember.
~ Avicii

And to always remember that…

Today is a New Day!

I had a new sense of gratitude for each and every day I have here on earth.

I made the decision from that day on, I wouldn’t waste any more time on the things or people that don’t matter…

Because the one thing that I can’t buy…more time in my life!

Now, as crazy as this may sound to you…

I now realize, my cancer diagnosis has been a blessing in disguise.


Because I don’t take life for granted anymore and think that I have all the time in the world…because I don’t!

And the truth is…none of us do, but we all think we do!

Cancer made me start living my life the way I intended…no more excuses or regrets!

I’ve learned so much along my cancer journey…because this was and still is, my wake up call!

This blog post was the second in a series of four. In the next blog post, why I wanted to keep my diagnosis a secret from everyone, you can read it here: I’m OK…Everything Will Be OK!

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