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Ep. 3: It Was time to Let Go

Dr. Judith Rich shares a personal journey of letting go of control and embracing freedom after experiencing loss and surrender. Through her own experiences of sadness and gratitude, she learned to expand her emotional capacity and trust the process for a happier life.

Show Notes

Dr. Judith Rich

About Dr. Judith Rich:

Dr. Judith Rich is an octogenarian and a pioneering teacher in the field of transformation and consciousness.  She is an accomplished transformational and leadership development trainer with fifty years’ experience in training facilitation, personal and executive coaching, and public speaking. 

Dr. Rich is the author of the international best-selling book, Beyond the Box: Lean Out, Break Free, Rise Up! which provides tools to support one re-inventing oneself, building courage, and creating a brave new life beyond what is already known, safe and comfortable.  

She is also host of the podcast, The New Beyond which she launched on her 80th birthday.    


In the first episode of the “Life is Now…Do It While You Can!” Show, Life Coach, Suzanne Oshima interviews Dr. Judith Rich, a pioneering teacher in transformation and consciousness, about a pivotal time in her life when she learned the hard way to let go.

Judith shares a heartbreaking story from the late 1980’s about her St. Bernard, Madam, and how the dog’s traumatic death symbolized the end of her marriage and the start of a new chapter in her life.

The episode delves into Judith’s emotional journey, detailing how the incident with Madam catalyzed her decision to leave a failing marriage and start anew.

She recounts the difficulty of euthanizing her beloved dog and how it mirrored her need to break free from the constraints of her marriage. This profound experience led her to move to Colorado, where she embraced a life of adventure and self-discovery.

Judith reflects on the challenges and excitement of beginning life anew at 49, finding joy in her independence and the courage to explore life as a newly single woman. She discusses the transformative impact of this period, including how it shaped her current perspective and led her to value her freedom deeply.

This poignant interview underscores the themes of letting go, embracing change, and finding strength in new beginnings, offering an inspiring message of resilience and transformation.

You’ll Learn:

The Power of Letting Go: Judith shares her personal story about how the death of her dog symbolized the need to let go of control in her life and ultimately led to her decision to end her marriage and start anew.

Life Transformation and Reinvention: Judith discusses her journey of self-discovery and transformation, emphasizing the importance of taking bold steps to reinvent oneself and embrace new beginnings.

Dealing with Loss and Assigning Meaning: The concept of assigning loved ones and pets an afterlife role to stay connected, as demonstrated by Judith asking her deceased dog to be in charge of sunsets.

Embracing Adventure and Independence: Insights into Judith’s adventures in Colorado, her embracing of singlehood, and her pursuit of activities and personal growth alone for the first time in her life, showcasing her daring and independent spirit.

Age is Just a Number: Judith’s an inspiration. After launching a podcast at 80 and continuing to pursue new challenges and opportunities later in life, reinforcing the idea that it’s never too late to follow one’s passions.

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