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Ep. 2: My Wake-Up Call!

Sometimes we all need a wake up call and I got mine about a few years ago. It was the wake-up call I never wanted, but at the same time it was my much needed wake-up call.

Show Notes


In today’s episode, I share the profound wake-up call that completely changed my outlook on life. After receiving a call from my doctor with unexpected cancer diagnosis, I was forced to confront my mortality and reevaluate my priorities both personally and professionally. This pivotal moment prompted me to stop prioritizing my career and everyone else’s needs above my own and start embracing living in the present for me.

I discuss the emotional journey of processing this news, the initial fear and regret, and how I ultimately found strength and clarity. This powerful experience led me to adopt empowering mantras and shift my perspective to one of gratitude and proactive living. It also inspired me to take a break from my career to focus on my well-being and return with a renewed purpose.

Through this episode, I emphasize the importance of not taking life for granted and encourage listeners to seize the moment and prioritize their dreams and happiness. I invite women in mid-life to join me on this journey of transformation, aiming to live our best lives now, with no regrets and a focus on what truly matters.

You’ll Learn:

  • The impact of a cancer diagnosis on personal and professional priorities, and how it can serve as a wake-up call to reevaluate life choices.

  • The emotional journey of facing a serious health challenge, from initial fear and regret to finding strength, clarity, and a proactive approach to living. 

  • The importance of prioritizing self-care, seizing the moment, and embracing life with gratitude, empowering you to transform mid-life into your best life.

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