I’m OK…Everything Will Be OK!

This blog post is the third in a series of four, if you missed the first two posts you can check them out here:

1) “My Wake-Up Call”
2) “The One Thing I Can’t Buy”

After I was diagnosed with cancer, I really wanted to keep it a secret just like the actor, Chadwick Boseman did. He didn’t tell anyone he had cancer outside his immediate circle, and the public didn’t find out until he passed away. 

Back then I really didn’t understand why he wanted it that way, until I was faced with my own similar reality.  Now, I completely understood why he kept it a secret.

Like Chadwick, I really didn’t want to share this with you, I only wanted to tell a select group of family and friends.


Because I didn’t want to be the public face of cancer.  And more importantly, I certainly didn’t want people to treat me any different, pity or feel sorry for me.

I just wanted to live my life without people asking me all the time with a sad concerned face, “How are you feeling?”

But then along my journey, something deep down inside really shifted for me.

I came to the powerful realization of how selfish it would be for me to keep my cancer diagnosis a secret…after all, as a coach I’m all about empowering and inspiring women. 

With the lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) on this path, it became clear to me that I could empower other women navigating challenging times in their lives, regardless of whether it involves cancer.

From that moment on, I made a decision that I’m not just going to live with cancer…

I’m going to thrive with cancer! 

While it hasn’t been an easy journey to get to this positive space, I embraced every challenge and emerged on the other side, stronger than I ever imagined.

So, please don’t be sad or worry about me because… 

I’m OK…and everything will be OK.

No, really…I am going to be OK!

Deep down inside, I have the faith to know I will be.

More importantly my doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, who specializes in this rare form of cancer, and I have a plan in place.  And the really good news is since I was diagnosed my cancer, it hasn’t grown or spread to any other part of my body. 

Now that my cancer is stable, I want to focus on living my best life each and every day and I hope you’ll join me, too.

Please let my wake up call, be your wake up call, too! 

Don’t take your life for granted because…

Life is NOW…you need to do it while you CAN!

P.S. In the next and final blog post in the series, I share with you how I’m excited and ready for my next chapter, you can read it here: “I’m Ready…Are You?”

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