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I came to Suzanne as a lost, broken, timid individual. I was attracted to her never-ending positive energy and outlook and found that energy to be exactly what I needed to let my guard down and open myself up to the opportunities that I let pass by every day that I focused on my brokenness. She empowered me to stand firm, persevere and to live for my dreams and not someone else's.

Suzanne is an amazing coach! What I found in Suzanne was someone who listened intently and genuinely cared. She taught me to reframe my thoughts and to challenge myself to find the power I have within myself to move forward, out of my comfort zone and face my challenges head-on.

Her positive energy is contagious and her genuine, thoughtful coaching has helped me go from second-guessing every decision I made to challenging myself to move forward by standing firm in my beliefs and finding the heart connection within myself.

Working with Suzanne feels like working with your best friend. She listens carefully between the words spoken and gently challenges you to move past your personal blocks with empowerment. She has a gift of instinctively knowing exactly what to say in a gentle way that allows for deep personal growth.

After my 52 year marriage ended, I found myself in a place I never thought I would be in…completely starting over again at the age of 74.

To my dismay, every major thing in my life changed. When my marriage ended, I had to transition and move to a smaller home and find a whole new social set of friends.

After I went through the healing process, I knew I didn’t want to be alone the rest of my life. I thought about meeting someone but in reality, I hadn’t been out on a date since I was 17 years old and now I was almost 76.

Just the prospect of dating and how to approach it, was completely overwhelming and intimidating to me. Without a doubt, I was scared, but I knew that I had to take things one step at a time.

I decided to work with Suzanne as my coach because I felt like I could trust her to give me her honest feedback. And I found her responses and recommendations were measured and very valid, which I appreciated.

Suzanne always had a positive outlook on things, which was encouraging and I was always able to elicit from her the kind of coaching that quite frankly I was desperate for. And it made me feel like I was headed in the right direction.

For my entire life, I’ve always put everyone else’s needs above my own. With Suzanne's coaching for once, it helped me to stand in my power and focus on putting me and my needs first.

It has been my privilege to work in a group setting with Suzanne for the past two years. When I was introduced to Suzanne, I was unaware of how my defeated attitude affected me.

Suzanne is outstanding at hearing, both what you say and what you don't say. She provides insight in a kind but focused way. She asks you to really look at your situation and helps you to see how you can look at things through a different lens and grow from each situation.

Her group sessions provided direct coaching but also the ability to learn from your peers’ challenges, realizing we all face the same issues and can learn from her and each other.

Going forward, I am more confident, focused and know that believing in myself and following my heart is essential.

Thank you Suzanne, for your expertise and empathy!

When I first started Suzanne’s program, I didn’t have the right guidance and support I needed to move forward in this part of my life. What attracted me to her program was Suzanne’s authenticity and sincere caring.

She combines decades of life, dating and relationship coaching experience with wisdom, her loving heart and down to earth nature, treating everyone with a giant loving embrace and compassion.

Even those who least believe in themselves feel safe to be vulnerable with her. One of her biggest gifts is her way of making you feel precious and unconditionally cared for.

I learned a lot about myself, my blind spots and the beliefs that have been getting in my way in my love life and other areas of my life.

With her gentle guidance and encouragement, I didn’t feel I was going through this part of my journey alone. I felt surrounded by a true sisterhood of real women going through real life.

My confidence increased and I felt empowered to take steps to go after what I want. I became inspired to go outside my comfort zone and believe in my success. I’m forever grateful to Suzanne.

I have followed Suzanne along with many coaches for many years. I have worked one on one with another coach. The work I did with her was valuable and enriching, but when Suzanne offered a program to work with her in a group - a Sisterhood, I jumped at the opportunity.

The group work was amazing. I learned so much from Suzanne and the other amazing and dynamic women in the group. I now have an amazing support network and close friendships I value with all my heart!

Since working with Suzanne, my life has transformed significantly. Before working with Suzanne, I was scared, lonely, fearful and plagued with negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and my life.

Today, I am filled with joy, gratitude, confidence and love. Through Suzanne’s lessons, I feel empowered to accomplish my goals both in my career and in my personal life. Though it took some time, I finally learned to trust myself again.

Suzanne taught me to take my power back and with that I found my spirit! I have a new mindset and new outlook on life! I now have strategies to deal with any negativity that arises in my life. These events provide an opportunity to learn and grow.

Suzanne taught me to let go of the things that no longer serve me. I readily accept, recognize and embrace the positivity that enters my life! I am enjoying my life. I feel fulfilled. I am forever grateful to Suzanne. She truly embodies her mission to empower women in her life and in her work!

With love and gratitude,

I first met Suzanne in a coaching session and was impressed with her quick grasp of my challenges and difficult circumstances. After some clarifying questions, Suzanne’s statement, “I think I can help you”, became etched in my memory. Fortunately, I believed her!

Suzanne is high level; she has extensive experience to draw on, can read between the lines and fosters a realistic perspective. She coaches with a uniquely curious, kind, and upbeat vibe.

Ultimately, Suzanne’s coaching has enabled me to undergo a significant shift in mindset.

Through both individual and group work, Suzanne held space for the positive and healthy vision I was able to create and keep creating.

I was at a loss, as to how to start dating again. I was definitely stuck even with trying and I was paralyzed in fear.

Working with you as my coach gave me hope--your positive attitude, mindset in manifesting what I want and achieving was contiguous -- thank you!

It has changed my life for the greater good in all areas of:

Mindset Shifts - Mindfulness I am more positive Reclaiming my power Greater Self Confidence & Self Esteem Getting back out there feeling in control, rather than feeling rejected Knowing when to let go & move on to the next! Trying new things to accomplish my dreams

We were created to be relational beings, not to maneuver through life alone. We learn from each other and lean into each other's strengths, characteristics and attributes.

I met Suzanne as a newly single woman following a rather ugly need of support in so many ways.

Suzanne helped me bolster my confidence & comfort level at doing things on my own, promoting me as the chooser in my life whether it was in friendships, love, work, family.

She helped me appreciate my positive qualities and challenged me on some of the 'stories' I was telling myself about what I want, versus what I need.

She helped me uncover some childhood blocks that were still holding me back in life. One block in particular: for decades I had convinced myself that I couldn’t wear a red dress, because a negative comment that my dad had said to me when I was young. With Suzanne’s help at 60, I was able to unblock and overcome my fear to wear it with confidence. To my pleasant surprise, I received many compliments, but the most important one was from my 87 year old dad!

When Suzanne and I first started working together, we bonded over butterflies….and she helped me move from a caterpillar to cocoon, and then to a beautiful butterfly. My life has been enriched because of Suzanne's coaching!

Before I started working with Suzanne, I was very hesitant and afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue some of my life goals. I watched so many videos from other coaches, but they just left me confused and with more questions.

Suzanne’s warmth and sincerity was evident in our first meeting, she really cares about all the members in our sisterhood!

She helped me learn the importance of keeping a positive mindset when disappointments happen, and to reach out for help and support from her and my sisters when I felt like quitting. And how it was important to stand in my power and walk away from situations and people that were no longer serving me, or helping me achieve my goals.

Having like-minded women in the group really helped, as they were able see a situation more objectively than I could, while I was in the middle of it. And the advice and support they offered was appreciated.

Suzanne is a wonderful coach with a true servant’s heart for helping others.

Before I met Suzanne, I really had no idea what it was like to work with a coach on life issues. Previously I had good experience with career coaches, so was happy to try working with Suzanne.

A big realization for me in a short period of time, is that I was in danger of giving up on the life that I really want.

I can remember laughing out loud when Suzanne‘s patient and kind questions helped me see that I was not fully showing up in the world. Although I thought authenticity was not my challenge, I was in fact hiding. The person I presented to the world had subconsciously buried her dreams and therefore the life I truly wanted and deserved.

The most powerful and sustainable benefit from working with Suzanne was to realize that this shift in mindset was possible and secondly, to know that it was the only possible choice for me.

What has been remarkable about working with Suzanne is to experience her vision for community. She created a sisterhood where like-minded women would be safe to share, learn and grow together while being coached. Suzanne achieved this success during one of the most challenging times for our country - the pandemic.

Being in community has fostered many close friendships and the constant reminder that we all have work to do to reach our life goals. The opportunity to work in this unique community proved that the support of those we respect and trust, makes it much easier to do the work. Thank you so much, Suzanne!

I met Suzanne I believe December 2020 on Facebook and signed up for one of her workshops. I loved the workshop so much, I joined The Circle of Love Sisterhood.

I was totally blindsided when my husband asked for a divorce after 20 years. I was a total mess, lost, no confidence and low self-esteem.

My experience has been life changing. Today, I am totally different person. I have confidence and a positive mind set. Suzanne got me out of my comfort zone and I no longer take rejection personally. I move on to the next person, for I am the chooser. I took my power back and am living my best life. I have not found the one, but one day I will.

The like-minded women in The Circle of Love Sisterhood, who were on the same journey were supportive, gave positive feed-back, advice, funny and they cheered me on.

In The Circle of Love Sisterhood, Suzanne created a safe place for us to share our feelings and concerns. Having a group of women seeking support, really made me feel less alone.

I realized that I’m not the only one who has had struggles in life, whether it was some terrible family history, scared to date, or feeling down about something. I learned from the perspectives of other women, and I felt like I found my tribe and I belonged.

Suzanne is extremely patient and kind as a coach. Whenever anyone in the group was spiraling, she found a way to help reframe the issue. So we could see it more clearly and not as the story we tell ourselves, that usually results in self-sabotage. It’s definitely her calling to help people, rather than “just a business”.

I realized that I really don’t like feeling vulnerable, but I know that I’m not going to grow, if I don’t keep challenging myself with being uncomfortable. And if I don’t continue to grow, I won’t learn and understand different perspectives, which helps make you a better person because you can see things from another’s point of view and be more compassionate.

My game plan is to do things I’m uncomfortable with, but do it anyways…and I will keep practicing until it feels comfortable.

This experience has been well worth the money, time, and effort. I’m a better person because I participated in this group.

Before finding Suzanne and the Circle of Love Sisterhood, I thought I had all the answers to online dating because I'd previously dated online. I was WRONG!

Suzanne's coaching helped me realize that I was stuck in old patterns and my mindset needed an adjustment. Things have changed since I had last dated 13 years ago. Since I wasn't finding a suitable partner, I was beginning to think something was wrong with me and that I might not find the RIGHT MAN to share my life with.

As I sought answers to why I wasn't getting the results I desired, it was comforting to know I wasn't alone. Our group of Sisters were the BEST in providing support!

My coaching with Suzanne resulted in the following:

I realized that I am the CHOOSER and should always STAND IN MY POWER!

I realized I should take a break when I get tired and disillusioned on my journey to find my Significant Other, but return to the process after a brief rest.

And my biggest takeaway from Suzanne's coaching was to NEVER GIVE UP. My SIGNIFICANT OTHER is out there!

Before I started working with Suzanne, I was exploring all my options for help. I was feeling really badly about myself as I was trying to date. I was working with another coach on another program and I liked that Suzanne offered a program with live coaching. The other coach I was working with had lovely programs, but no real live personal coaching.

I was at the stage of my life where I was giving up hope of ever finding anyone and was filled with bitterness and negativity. It's hard not to feel that when I'm a single, never married 70 year old, with 21+ years of unsuccessful online dating. So I grabbed at the opportunity for this free class.

I immediately was taken by Suzanne and her upbeat personality and positive thinking. I knew I wanted to continue working with her, and also felt the need for live coaching to help navigate my world as a never married woman trying to date.

It has been wonderful working with Suzanne. She has helped work through my frustrations, has taught me the value of myself, and that I have the ability to choose the right person for me, rather than feeling like I am waiting for the right man to choose me.

She has consistently worked to turn my negative thoughts around and has given me a new perspective. She is a very generous coach with her time, and she makes everyone feel special and loved.

Although I still feel frustrated at times, I will always remember the way Suzanne helped me re-frame my thoughts and made me feel like the prize that I am.

I am much stronger and able to brush off the frustrations when I am ghosted by a man, or I keep meeting the wrong ones. She has helped me to see the wonderful woman I am and has pointed out things about myself that I wasn't even aware of. How my uniqueness makes me a great catch.

I thank Suzanne for her generous coaching and wisdom, her sense of humor and positive spirit.

I highly recommend Suzanne. She is a first-rate coach. Her caring, intelligence and insight permeate everything she does. She has this ability to create a wonderful, lively and welcoming community, in which she sees and listens to each one of us, in our own particular uniqueness.

She brings great understanding and makes really helpful suggestions. Her ability to be positive, tough and gentle all at the same time and her perceptive sense as to timing make for a wonderfully effective even magically transformative combination. Her approach is knowledgeable and always fresh.

Thanks to Suzanne, I have experienced myself growing in ways that have sometimes been gradual and subtle, and at other times, powerful and quite abrupt, but with results in my life that have been organic and great! I continue to see them having an expanding outward ripple effect into all areas of my life.

Just a few examples, have been my accepting myself for the first time. As funny as it may sound, I realized that it’s okay simply be human, imperfect and show up on camera on Zoom. And she has also been instrumental in my committing to my writing goals, writing more freely and more often. When it comes to the area of my relationships, she has gotten me to become more aware and to stand up for myself by lovingly setting boundaries and by communicating more clearly.

From the first day, she drew me out of my relative isolation and into connectedness with her and the group. Ever since I have been coming more and more out of my shell, becoming more and more present, and able to be vulnerable and true to me. Not just speaking up when I think I have the ‘right’ thing to say, but even when what I’m sharing is awkwardly honest. This by itself, is a major breakthrough for me!

I think underlying all of this has been my experience of feeling seen, understood, accepted and valued by a woman whom I deeply respect. As a gifted coach, she genuinely cares and has the skills, knowledge and insight to support and challenge me towards becoming my best version of myself.

I can't thank you enough, Suzanne, for the wonderfully transformational effect you’ve already had on my life and I am planning to continue with you in the future!

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