About Suzanne Oshima
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My Mission...

As a Life Coach for women, I guide them to transform mid-life to their best life…

I help women go from feeling frustrated, isolated, and disappointed that they’re not living their best life because they feel trapped in a cycle of self-sacrifice where their life, dreams and plans often get put on hold for the relentless demands of work and other’s needs.

I empower them to break free and prioritize themselves without guilt, reclaim their dreams, put their plans into action, and embrace an amazing life filled with happiness and excitement surrounded by a community of like-minded women who are ready to accompany them on their journey and support, uplift and inspire them every step of the way.

About Suzanne Oshima
Life Coach for Women in Mid-Life

I’m your compassionate ally in the journey of mid-life joy, fulfillment and passion. For over two decades, I’ve been a coach illuminating the path for women seeking love, fulfillment, and renewal in their lives.

My story began with a heart-driven mission in 2002 as a Matchmaker & Dating Coach, kindling flames of connection and companionship. But my true calling and passion was revealed in my transition to a Life Coach for women in mid-life.

My passion is to empower women to embrace mid-life as a blank canvas for a new beginning —to rewrite their stories with courage, authenticity, and self-love. I’ve coached and stood by countless women, holding their hands through the maze of self-discovery, healing, and the joy of rediscovering themselves in their next chapter.

Yet, amidst my dedication to others, life delivered me a wake-up call with a rare cancer diagnosis. It was a gut-wrenching wake-up call—a reminder of life’s fragility and the urgency of living authentically.

In the depths of my own struggle, I found clarity. I realized that my calling extended way beyond myself; it was about empowering and inspiring women to reclaim their dreams and passions to transform mid-life to their best life.

With unwavering strength and tenacity, I emerged from my cancer diagnosis with a newfound purpose: to inspire women to prioritize themselves and take center stage in their own lives. 

All too well, I know the struggle of putting personal goals on hold, and of neglecting oneself for the sake of others. But I’m here to say it’s never too late to rewrite your story, to reclaim your life, prioritize yourself, and to pursue the dreams that have long lingered on the back burner.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and inspiration, I’m ready to guide you every step of the way. Together, let’s transform mid-life into your most radiant chapter—a chapter brimming with passion, purpose, and unbridled possibilit

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